On tour in Namibia

About Andrew Holmboe

Happily married with two teenage sons, Andrew’s life adventure began in essence as an 18 year old during military duty for the medical corps in the wilds of the Kalahari desert.

Andrew Holomboe - Alan Tours - Tour Guide

Seldom was there a dull moment, from wildlife capture to stitching up injured soldiers on patrol in the bush. 

Not ready for city life just yet, opportunity in the form of an expedition to collect snakes for the then Transvaal museum in Johannesburg led him and a colleague in his trusty VW beetle to the Namibian wilderness. 

The hooks had been set deep and once Africa was under his skin and there was no turning back, the next year and a half was spent travelling largely through the sub region of Botswana and Zimbabwe focusing mainly on Namibia. From catching venomous reptiles and sleeping rough under the stars to cooling off in croc infested rivers. 

Evenings were spent around the campfire with hopefully the day’s catch sizzling on the coals and days off consisted of recording bird and insect or reptile species. Whilst crossing paths with locals and their endearing salt of the earth characteristics he has fostered a deep love and respect for the natural beauty and denizens of rural Africa!

After being offered an opportunity  to join a safari company as a camp assistant, the transition to guide was a foregone conclusion/transition and the past 24 years working as a freelancer for a handful of select safari outfitters have kept him busy  guiding hundreds of camping and lodging tours throughout the sub region, from nature documentaries as a fixer/tracker or doing stunts for a Hollywood western. 

Amongst other things he and his wife Sandra, whom he met in Namibia, have owned a guesthouse in the Wild Coast of South Africa where he served a 2 year stint as river guide for his canoe trails company, with his true love being wild camping expeditions into the untamed wildernesses of northern Namibia/ the Okavango and Zambia! 

To the present where currently he’s spent the last two years guiding for Alan Tours. Acknowledging his debt to the safari industry over the years he also understands that the rewards only come through commitment, sacrifice, hard work and passion. He divides his time between family life, guide commitments, running their dog on the beach and riding his mountain bike.