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On the verge of extinction
The Great Tuskers of Africa
20 April 2022

The gentle giants of Africa are fast being tipped into the abyss of extinction by unscrupulous, exploitative trophy and illegal hunters and countries that allow this massacre to continue.

Birding at Cape Recife
18 January 2022

Damara Tern sightings at Cape Recife

An altered state of normality
11 January 2022

It has been 22 months since we last had a cruise ship with paying passengers ready to disembark, in the harbour in Port Elizabeth. Lovely indeed to see the graceful lines of true oceanic Royalty safely tied up at the quay in Port Elizabeth once again

Great White Shark viewing and shark cage diving. June 2020

Shark cage diving

Lockdown Lonesome Blues and other picture stories. April 2020


"Airborne" lucky No. 7. March 2020

Lucky No. 7

Cape Recife Lighthouse Tour
August 2019

Cape Recife

Bird Island to St Croix on a rough day

Bird Island

Elephant graveyards. 8 June 2017

Elephant praveyards

BIG 7 Safari heaven. 7 June 2017

Big 7 safari heaven

Aint no bunny huggers here!
28 November 2016

Addo Elephant Park safari

Giants of Addo - October 2016

Addo Elephant Park safari

A Beautiful Deception - 12 October 2016

4x4 Kabouga section Addo Elephant Park

The Bay of Plenty - 26 September 2016

Algoa Bay

A Surprise in my Office
18 October 2016

Addo Park - always ready to surprise

Death in the Dawn - 5 August 2016

Lion kill in the Addo Park

First Day in Africa - 27 June 2016

The famous Addo Park

Whale Season from the Office
26 May 2016

Whale season 2016

Long Hot Summer Season
18 April 2016

Kruger National Park

Namaqualand Spring Flowers
27 August 2015

Spring Flowers in Namaqualand

The Cat Day - 28 June 2015

Addo Elephant National Park

Life and Death in the Savanna
14 June 2015

Kruger National Park