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Batis Dome Hide by Wildhide

A comfortable one man photographic wildlife hide for getting that extra close up, relaxed shot of your favourite bird or animal. Multiple windows at varying levels and positions make it easy to capture the moment without frightening the subject.

Arts and Crafts - Local Ceramics

Based in the rural Eastern Cape, South Africa, Meshack works within the rich tradition of studio pottery, artist-craftsmen and produces functional pots, gifts and table ware, each a unique work of art in its own right.

Arts and Crafts - Traditional Clay Pots

Mathabo Sejhobo lives in the Western foothills of the Mighty Drakensberg Mountains, amongst the dark basaltic rocks that are cemented together with red clay soils. To manufacture her clay, Mathabo uses two rocks, one, larger hollowed out to accept the smaller rounded, cigar shaped rock with which to grind the hard rock like red soil into a fine powder. It is this powder that she then collects, wets down and works until it is a smooth pliable compound of clay which she will then shape into one of her beautifully crafted, deep red and black earthen pots.

Arts and Crafts - Beadwork - Alice Band, Bracelet, Earring, Glass Cord

The beadwork and clothing reflected here is a collection of traditional art that has manifested itself in a more modern consumer driven world as a means of adapting to new economic trends in rural South Africa. The beadwork is made by the women of the tribe, a tribe referred to loosely as the Xhosa or plural, amaXhosa


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