An altered state of normality <br>11 January 2022

It has been 22 months since we last had a cruise ship with paying passengers ready to disembark, in the harbour in Port Elizabeth. Lovely indeed to see the graceful lines of true oceanic Royalty safely tied up at the quay in Port Elizabeth once again

The Ultimate Braai Master <br>August 2021

The Ultimate Braai Master competition participants on a guided tour of the Sacramento trail and Sardinia Bay with Alan on a perfect day in Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, South Africa

The noble Mantis of Bushman mythology

The First Bushman Water in a desert country is so precious that for those who depend on it, it can assume divine properties. To the Bushman water is the ancient symbol of life. In it he can revitalize himself an make a fresh start. His legendary hero, Mantis, appears at the time of the beginning […]

Weeping Willows

african stories

There were ten beautiful girls belonging to one family. One day, while they were playing together in the river …..

The Rain Bull

African Myth and legends

There was drought upon the land. The clouds that carried the rain sailed high above, not seeming to notice the suffering of Africa….

Seven Magic Birds

There was once so they say a Zulu chief who sat day after day gazing sadly into the distance.

Eat & Drink South Africa

People wishing to travel to a foreign land are often curious about the type of foods and drinks that will be available to them once they arrive in the country? South Africa is often referred to as “A world in one country” because of the fascinating biodiversity we have or “The Rainbow nation” because of […]

Introduction to the stories of Africa

Stories from Africa is a page of stories sourced from a number of indigenous people and publications. The African culture is peppered with raconteurs and praise singers, seeping the hills and valleys in colourful oratory and spoken words captivating for ever the hidden mysteries of South and Southern Africa This page has been added because […]