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About Alan Tours

With experience forged and tempered under the African sun in some of Southern Africa’s more remote and prestigious game reserves, the expertise of qualified FGASA (Field Guides Association of Southern Africa) and cultural guides who specialize in all aspects of the diversity of our country. We provide a depth of insight into our modern culture and the historical context of South Africa as it is today.

Spend quiet evenings in remote destinations where the only sounds are those of the natural world around you. Sit out under jewel encrusted skies, the crackle of the wood fire throwing shadows, while the scent of the wood smoke and the traditional braai (barbecue) sizzling on the open fire, combine to stimulate a hunger born of an exciting day on the African veld. Listen to fireside tales of adventure and excitement, mirth and myth that will hold you spell bound late into the night when you will be ready for a comfortable nights rest in superb accommodation.

Alan Tours undertakes to guide you to the best there is, authentic destinations hidden in secluded valleys or onto the vast plains of the arid Little and Great Karoo. We venture through towering mountain peaks and precipices, home to soaring Eagles and Vultures, to deserted tropical Beaches, where the only footprints in the golden sands are the ones you left behind. Clamber to secret caves, searching for intricate, delicate, Rock art left by the illusive first people of the sub-continent, the light hearted Bushmen, during shamanistic rituals, atonement to the Ancestors.

Enjoy long lazy lunches on sun drenched beach side Restaurants crisp clean waves, breaking on the golden sandy shorelines. Eat at any number of world class restaurants representing both local and world cuisine. Partake and find incredible value for money in some of the world’s finest wines, produced right here in South Africa. Spend the night dancing in the modern cocktail bars and nightclubs. Take a Marine safari viewing Whales, Dolphins and Penguins, an experience you’ll never forget. Or go skiing on the slopes of the Mighty Drakensberg during our southern winter.

Truly a World in one country!

Tree in Africa

It is this country we undertake to show you. To show you with a passion and delight, whether traveling on your dream holiday or doing business in this dynamic sector, we will guide you, with the expertise accumulated over time spent in the wildlife and related hospitality trade. With a passion undiminished, in fact enhanced with the passage of time.

Welcome to Africa - Wamkelekile iAfrica

The Bushmen believe that /kaggen the Preying Mantis, their god and creator made the Eland, to be a human and painted it with different colours of honey, giving the Eland those beautiful tones. Honey is a symbolic reference to sex, indicating that /kaggen may have had an adulterous affair with the Eland. Then man went without asking permission from /kaggen and hunted the Eland, killing it and preventing it from becoming human and ensuring that from then on-wards, they would need to hunt the Eland for food.

Eland Bull