John Vosloo, June 2019

About the Addo Elephant National Park - John Vosloo's website says:

The Addo Elephant National Park is a wonderful and well run SANParks National Park with abundant elephants and other wildlife including but not limited to cheetahs, lion, buffalo and rhino. Avian abundance is really something to go and see there, it is awesome ranging from a variation of large Raptors, secretary birds, falcons, bustards through to the chats, robins, larks to mention but only a few right down to the smallest of the small.

A SANParks “Wild Card” is well worth investing in. In my opinion one of the Premier Parks of South Africa run and managed by well-trained rangers and staff who are always helpful and knowledgeable in their respective rights and fields – ALWAYS a pleasure and privileged to visit this special Park: – hats off to SANParks for their input and sustained management of the Park and surrounding lesser known areas of the Park. A visitor is surrounded by friendly and helpful staff at this Park. Put simply, at this Park the staff and management go the extra mile not only as to the conservation of the Park’s biodiversity but also as to its visitors.

As to TOURS into the Addo Elephant National Park and surrounds there is no better than Alan Tours. They are highly recommended and respected as honest Tour Operators with integrity.

Alan, the tour guide, is a highly regarded professional guide with a wealth of knowledge on all aspects of fauna, flora and rich historical background to the Park. It is a serious asset to have him as a tour guide in their immaculately clean and comfortable vehicles. Having somebody such as Alan as your Guide that can answer all your questions with knowledge and truth is serious bonus and makes your tour a highly memorable experience.

He has a great ‘bush” eye and will show you many things the untrained eye will miss. They come very highly recommended and I can personally stand testimony to them;

Try them and you will not be disappointed. All their contact details are on their site.