Masidunde youngsters after beach clean up
Beach clean up Cape Recife

Masifunde – Learning 4 you

Another community project that Alan Tours has become involved with is an organisation called Masifunde Learning 4 you. An organization based in Germany that attracts volunteers from around the world to come out to help the poor and under-privilaged learners, primarily in the townships where these learners are exposed to learning projects to help nuture life and learning skills and thereby improving their ability to qualify themselves for a more productive life.

We assist with nature based projects such as beach and township clean-ups. Game drives to introduce the kids to the attractions of the natural world, a world most of them know so very little about. We introduce them to the concept of a clean environment and why it is important to keep it clean. We look at the huge wealth of plants that their very own ancestors used to keep their ancient clans healthy and free of disease.

The children who show the most enthusiasm in the projects are rewarded when we take them on game drives or further afield to one of the Big 5 reserves that occur on the outskirts of Port Elizabeth.

The competion to be chosen is impressive and some of the kids just keep on and on coming back for more which is exactly what the project is all about.

To us it is amazing to see the awakening, the realisation that there is just so much more out there than just the bush, that it is an intricate and involved system in sync with itself much as we should be with our envirnoment.

Please don’t be shy in making contact if you would like to contribute in time or money to any one of the projects that we are affiliated to. They are brilliant and especially the schools are always in need of some assistance.

Please contact us should you wish to learn more.