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The Rustic Tour.
Addo Elephant National Park,Wild Coast, Lesotho, Swaziland, Kruger Park.
Code (OV27) A 14 Day Expedition

From the Addo Elephant National Park to the Wild Coast, Lesotho, Kingdom of Swaziland/eSwatini and the Kruger National Park

Day 1, Night 1

Port Elizabeth to the Addo Elephant National Park

Meet and great by Alan Tours at place of residence in Port Elizabeth and depart for the malaria free Addo Elephant National Park, a mere 35 minute drive from the city centre. After checking in at the south entrance, we immediately start the game viewing experience.

The park is home to close to 700 free roaming Elephants and a wide variety of wildlife such as Zebra, Warthog, Ostrich, the elegant Kudu and many more including the traditional BIG 5, Lion, Buffalo, Leopard, Rhino and of course the Elephants.

Making our way from south to north we search for the many and diverse creatures in the thickets and on the open plains while learning about the habitat in which they live.

Arriving at the main camp we enjoy a light lunch at the park restaurant before we check into our accommodation.

After relaxing we again prepare for an exciting game drive in the tour vehicle before dinner at the restaurant and a well-deserved rest in the main camp accompanied by the sounds of the African night.

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Black backed Jackal and Spotted Hyena being frequently heard from the camp.

Overnight Addo Elephant National Park Main Camp, lunch, dinner, bed and breakfast

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Day 2, Night 2

Addo Elephant National Park to the Wild Coast

After an early breakfast in Addo, we check out and depart for the spectacular Wild Coast.

It is a long drive; the last section is over some rough roads but it worth the time it takes as we drive through some spectacular views of the countryside and traditional home to the local Xhosa people. 

Here we find the landscape populated with the colourful huts and homesteads of these handsome, proud people.

We have lunch en route before we descend from the escarpment towards the coast on a road filled with happy laughing people and their livestock, goats, cows, pigs, geese and horses you name it, we avoid it.

We arrive at a wonderful old community owned colonial style hotel set in a nature reserve where it looks out over expansive lawns and the great Indian Ocean.

Here we check into our sea facing cottage and prepare for the evening meal in the hotel’s dining room.

Overnight Wild Coast, lunch, dinner, bed and breakfast

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Day 3, Night 3

Explore the Wild Coast

Today we explore the beaches and scenery, interact with the local people who call these rugged hills their home.

We find spectacular scenery around every corner while Dolphins leap through the surf and seasonal whales can be seen offshore.

Depending on the weather and your mood we wake early for a slow walk on the deserted beach as we wonder along the shoreline towards the mouth of the Mbashe River, a large river upon whose banks, further upstream, our first democratically elected president Nelson Mandela was born and raised.

Just upstream of the mouth of the river is one of the southernmost mangrove swamps in Africa.

Many species of marine birds and waders make this special place their home and stop over while on their migratory journeys and the entire area with its diversity of habitat makes for some interesting birdwatching.

We return for breakfast after which we board the tour vehicle with a packed lunch for the drive around and over the Mbashe River and our decent back towards the coast.

Here we enter the Dwesa game reserve a natural wonderland made up of dense stands of forests interlinked with tall grasslands on the slopes, overlooking the Indian Ocean.

It is here that one can find species of ground orchids amongst the tall grasses.

Rivers flow to the coast and more often than not are blocked by the perennial sand banks upon which herds of cattle can be seen sunbathing on the beaches.

This is also home to the southernmost, non-breeding population of the Nile crocodile in Africa.

Wild Coast
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Weather permitting, after breakfast; armed with a packed lunch we drive down to the river mouth where we board a canoe and paddle across the wide expanse of the Mbashe river mouth. After reaching the far side which is a large nature reserve we collect our things and start the walk along this long desolate and all but uninhabited beach.

It is likely that the only inhabitants one will meet here are the local cattle chilling on the golden sands of the beach in this unspoilt part of heaven.

The beach itself is a treasure trove of flotsam deposited by the ebbing tide and the array of seashells can be quite astonishing.

It is a good idea to have your swimming costumes as there are a number of protected rock pools and lagoons in which to swim.

We walk to Mendu point where we find some interesting Ventifact rocks that have been shaped by wind driven sand and other points of interest.

Here we take our lunch on the rocks or in the shade of the trees near the seashore, before making our way along the beach back to the river mouth and to cross back over as we head for the hotel and an afternoon on the beach or simply relaxing around the pool at the hotel.

At the hotel we enjoy a well prepared evening meal and a peaceful night, lulled to sleep by the waves breaking on the shore.

Overnight Wild Coast, lunch, dinner, bed and breakfast

Day 4, Night 4

Wild Coast

We wake early for a hearty breakfast before packing up and checking out.

On our way we stop in the forest for a walk to a nearby waterfall. Here we view the plant life and keeps an eye out for the rich birdlife identifying some of the more prominent trees as well as the epiphytes that grow on them.

Leaving the reserve behind we continue inland over tracks and roads with little or no indication about where to go, driving through the very heart of the Wild Coast. 

After negotiating our way through the people, animals and potholes we arrive at the tranquil setting of our overnight accommodation set right on the beach between steep cliffs that meet, often stormy seas with superb views of the looming cliffs with waves crashing onto the beach, ending their journey on this rugged coastline.

Here there are spectacular sights such as the Hole-in-the-Wall and cliff top drives and walks so precipitous they will take your breath away as you search for Dolphins in the surf line far below while greeting the colourful friendly people as they go about their daily lives.

Wild Coast

We check in and settle into our comfortable rooms in this rustic lodge before we meet for an excellent dinner at the in house restaurant. 

Overnight Wild Coast, lunch, dinner, bed and breakfast

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Day 5, Night 5

Wild Coast to Southern Drakensberg

After enjoying a full breakfast we pack up, check out and depart once again inland away from this rugged Wild Coastline.

We make our way through colourful Xhosa villages spread out like a patchwork quilt over the undulating landscape, climbing up onto the escarpment as we leave the coast behind.

Here the landscape undergoes noticeable changes as we enter into extensive grasslands with some localised forests in the ravines and valleys.

We head into the foothills of the mighty Drakensberg Mountains.

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After stopping en route for a light lunch we continue to our overnight accommodation set in a village nestled in a valley, surrounded by the awe-inspiring mountain peaks of the southern Drakensberg (named “The Dragon Mountains” by the early European explorers or the “Barrier of Spears” by the Zulu people). The Drakensberg Mountains are the highest mountain range in Africa; this must not be confused by the highest peaks, a title held by Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Kenya, two peaks that are extinct volcanos in East Africa.

Here we check into a small cosy hotel and freshen up before meeting in the bar for drinks, meeting some of the locals and taking our well prepared evening meal in the hotel restaurant before making our way to our comfortable beds for a peaceful night’s rest in this rarefied environment.

Overnight Southern Drakensberg, lunch, dinner, bed and breakfast

Day 6, Night 6

Southern Drakensberg

We wake at leisure for a hearty breakfast before we say our farewells and depart down the steep, rugged pass, the highest in South Africa.

This is a spectacular journey down a sometimes precipitous mountain pass, making regular stops to admire the views and do some bird watching in an area known for its rare and specialised bird species.

On reaching the bottom we continue north, traveling parallel to this mighty mountain range through spectacular countryside, taking lunch on the road as we head for our next stop in the shadows of the Drakensberg.

Here we check into our overnight accommodation with stunning views over the foothills and farmlands of this beautiful area.

After freshening up we make our way through the countryside to a family restaurant for a delicious meal in this cosy, warm atmosphere before heading back to our overnight accommodation and another peaceful night’s rest.

Overnight cottage, lunch, dinner, bed and breakfast

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Day 7, Night 7

Sani Pass: South Africa to Lesotho and return

After breakfast we pack what is need for a day (including passport) in the mountains.

We depart and head up the steep pass, stopping to check through both the South African and Lesotho border controls.

lesotho tours
lesotho shepherd
lesotho homestead

We take time along the way to take many photographs and enjoy the scenery.

On reaching the top we continue driving into Lesotho where we can interact with the local tribe’s people before heading back to a lodge with the highest pub in Africa for a light lunch.

Overnight in South Africa, Southern Drakensberg cottage, lunch, dinner, bed and breakfast

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Day 8, Night 8

Underberg to St Lucia Estuary

After an early breakfast we check out for a long drive back down to the coast, to the St Lucia estuary. We stop for a lunch break en route.

After a long day in the saddle we check into our guesthouse in St Lucia, there may be time to do some shopping or explore the area locally or simply relax or laze on the wooden deck by the pool before we meet for our evening meal at one of the local restaurants.

Overnight St Lucia guesthouse, lunch, dinner, bed and breakfast

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Day 9, Night 9

St Lucia iSimangaliso Park

We wake up at leisure, enjoy a delicious breakfast before boarding our tour vehicle for a guided tour of the iSimangaliso Wetland Park, a vast game reserve and wetland which is now a World Heritage Site.

We have a light lunch before we head down to the jetty to board our boat for an afternoon cruise looking for the many Hippopotamus and Crocodile that inhabit this large estuary. 

St lucia boat cruise with alan tours
st lucia boat cruise tours with alan tours

Many bird species can be found on the banks of the estuary as well as in the mangrove trees that line these saline waters.

Occasionally the fin of a Zambezi or Bull shark can be seen cutting the surface of the water or interacting with the Hippo.After the boat cruise we make our way to a restaurant for the evening meal.

We take care not to bump into any of the Hippos as they feed along the streets of St Lucia.

Overnight St Lucia guesthouse, lunch, dinner, bed and breakfast

Day 10, Night 10

St Lucia to Hlane National Park, (Swaziland) eSwatini

We check out of our overnight accommodation after breakfast and head back inland away from the beaches and ocean for the last time.

We make our way to the next border crossing where we enter the Kingdom of eSwatini (Swaziland). Please check your Visa requirements.

After completing the border formalities, we head north making our way to a Big Five game reserve in the heart of this small sovereign Kingdom, the last remaining absolute monarchy in the world.

On arrival, we check into our comfortable chalets. If time allows, we head out to find what can be seen of the wildlife in this the largest of the Royal National Parks before going to the restaurant for a well prepared evening meal and a peaceful night’s rest listening to the sounds of the African night.

Optional extra: evening and early morning game drives in the park’s open game drive vehicles. Bookings essential

Overnight Hlane Royal National Park, lunch, dinner, bed and breakfast

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Day 11, Night 11

eSwatini (Swaziland0 to the Kruger National Park

We wake early and after a quick cup of coffee or tea we depart on a game drive in the tour vehicle through this woodland savanna habitat, home to Elephant, White Rhino, Giraffe, many graceful Impala, a type of antelope found in these savannas and many more. A rich birdlife can also be seen.

On return we have breakfast, check out and depart from this remote camp in the Swaziland National Park.

After leaving the park we continue north through Swaziland exiting after border formalities, back into South Africa, driving through farmland filled with sugar cane and other well-tended crops as we head for the vastness of the iconic Kruger National Park.

We stop for lunch en route before we enter the park from the south.

On arrival we check into the park before continuing our way north through the southern highlands of the park, searching for the many animals, birds and reptiles that live in this vast wildlife reserve.

We arrive at our overnight accommodation in a popular rest camp in the heart of the southern Kruger National Park.

After checking in we unpack in our comfortable accommodation, take our evening meal at the restaurant before heading to bed listening to sounds of the African night.

Optional extra: evening and early morning game drives in the park’s open game drive vehicles. Booking essential

Overnight Kruger National Park, lunch, dinner, bed and breakfast.

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Day 12, Night 12

Kruger National Park

We wake early for a quick cup of coffee and rusks before boarding the tour vehicle as we head out at first light in our search for the prolific wildlife of this magnificent National Park.

Elephant, Lion, Hyena, Buffalo and the many species of antelope, birds that create a kaleidoscope of colours and varieties await discovery as we travel the dirt roads to find the prized sightings of the day.

We return for a well-deserved brunch in the rest camp restaurant before heading to our chalets for a little down time before our afternoon safari into the park; returning at gate closing time we again make our way to the restaurant for a tasty supper and a peaceful night’s sleep with the sounds of the wilderness surrounding us.

Overnight Kruger National Park, lunch, dinner, bed and breakfast

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Day 13, Night 13

Kruger National Park

Early wake up for coffee and tea before again heading out into the African bush at first light so as to catch the predators before they lie up for the day. We return to camp in time for a full breakfast and check out as we board the tour vehicle to travel to our next destination into this huge wilderness.

We stop for a lunch break en-route to our overnight destination at a rest camp situated in different habitat in the west of the park.We stop for a lunch break en-route to our overnight destination at a rest camp situated in different habitat in the west of the park.

After check in, we make our way to our chalets to unpack and freshen up before departing to discover new sights and sounds and to search for the prolific wildlife in this part of the park.

kruger park
leopard kurger safaris with alan tours port elizabeth

We return to the restaurant for our last evening meal recalling your adventures of your South African Tour before we head off to bed lulled to sleep by the sounds of the night.

Overnight Kruger National Park, lunch, dinner, bed and breakfast

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Day 14

Kruger National Park to Johannesburg

After an early breakfast, we pack up and check out of the Kruger National Park as we make our way through the reserve to the park’s boundary where we check out and proceed towards Johannesburg, Egoli (“The City of Gold” in the local language), on the Highveld of South Africa.

On arrival, you will be dropped off either at the International Airport for your outbound flight or your hotel.

End of Alan Tours services.

Tour includes:

  • 14 day tour, guide, fuel, vehicle
  • 13 night accommodation as per itinerary
  • Entrance/conservation fees:
    – Addo Elephant National Park
    – Royal National Park Swaziland
    – Kruger National Park
    – iSimangaliso Park
    – Wild Coast Nature Reserve
  • Meals as per itinerary
  • Boat cruise
  • Community levy fees
  • Toll fees
  • Border fees Lesotho and Swaziland
  • Parking fees


Tour excludes:

  • Bar bills
  • Activities not mentioned in the itinerary
  • Private shopping
  • Visas
  • Gratuities/tips



2 persons on tour: R 77 600.00 per person sharing

4 persons on tour : R 49 000.00 per person sharing

6 persons on tour: R 43 500.00 per person sharing

Single supplement applies

Minimum 2 persons required


Please make sure you know whether you require a visa to cross over into Lesotho and Swaziland/eSwatini and what inoculations you require to conform to the laws of your country as well as that of Lesotho and Swaziland/eSwatini before embarking on your tour.

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