17 October 2022

Addo Elephant National Park safari

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From: Alice M.
Sent: Monday, October 17, 2022 1:00 PM
To: angelika
Subject: RE: Addo safari 13 September 2022


Hi Angelika,

Thank you so much for your communication and we extend our thanks for arranging our Addo Elephant Safari tour so well, it was very well organised.

We met Andrew outside Admirals Lodge on time and were delighted to find him very approachable, enthusiastic about our day’s adventure and as he mentioned, no day is the same for him, as Game can vary, sightings differ, and one can have highs and lows as well.

He was able to give us a commentary on PE which was great as this was a first time for us and included a little history on the old part of town as well. All good. Safe journey, care always taken to make us feel comfortable.

In addition, we all so enjoyed his knowledge of the fauna and flora of the area and throughout the park, this gives one “food for thought” etc. Wonderful!

We really enjoyed our tea/coffee breaks and thank him for our much-needed restaurant break for lunch.

Game sighting of elephants was amazing and normally I would feel uncomfortable being so close but as he mentioned the Addo ele’s are more relaxed so that was comforting seeing we were so close to them, of course, Andrew respected their behaviour which I must applaud him for, well done Andrew.

Andrew, your photos are excellent, and I didn’t think you would get such an amazing shot of the buffalo as they were a long way away, much like the black backed jackal. Thumbs up to you! Good shot of the 3 of us on the Lions View kopjie and our one coffee break.

Angelika, I’m not really a social media person and when going onto Tripadvisor and seeing all the rules and regulations that was enough for me, so sorry, I wont to doing that, instead, I certainly will thank you and Alan Tours for an outstanding Tuesday 13th September.

Good luck going forward, and it is hoped that Andrew has more opportunities in tour guiding for your guests as we thoroughly enjoyed his trip and wish him well and may his future expeditions be a great success.

Kind regards,

Kevin and Alice and Peter