Bill. 29 December 2018

Hats off to another successful day in Addo

— origingal message —

From: Bill

Sent: Friday, December 28, 2018 8:04 PM

To: Angelika

Subject: ADDO Elephant Park -Base Ball Hat (s)


Hi Angelika (and Alan),


May I say a very belated Merry Christmas to you and Alan, I hope it was as enjoyable as the one we had here which culminated in the exchange of presents various but the one from “Mother Christmas” (you) was the most unexpected Christmas gift I have ever had.

Both Lyn and Amanda were beside themselves when I was opening it cautioning me that there was still a story to tell when I had.
Stunned, delighted, over the moon plus other adjectives spring to mind but when they regaled me with the story of how it all took place we were all rolling around with laughter especially how the negotiations between you and Amanda had developed during the whole of October ……what a couple of secret squirrels you are 😉
You and Amanda assisted by Alan and Lyn, have been absolutely brilliant and I can’t thank you enough. Having lost my hat I never thought I would ever get a replacement but I am now the proud owner of 5…. I am one very happy golfer!!

Angelika, many thanks again to you and Alan for all your help in aiding Amanda who is a little star.

Sincerely hope that 2019 is a happy and healthy year to you both.

With warmest regards and fond memories of our visit to Addo Park