Carol. 18 January 2018

What an amazing experience! Huge bait ball with hundreds of Dolphins and Bryde's whales feeding right up close to the boat. Overnight in the awesome Addo Elephant Park listening to the night sounds of Africa

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Review on Tripadvisor, 18 January 2018

Big 7 tour

We took the big 7 tour which started with an amazing marine experience, when we were lucky enough to witness a bait ball which attracted hundreds of Gannets, Dolphin and some Bryde whales!

Then on to Addo elephant park where we saw elephant close up as well as families gathering around water holes, lions shortly after a kill, lots of Zebra, Kudo, Bat eared fox and more.

We really enjoyed our stay in the camp listening to the animals during the night, the tour made all the better because of Alans knowledge of the animals and ability to spot them.