safari tours Addo Park, South Africa

6 April 2022

Addo Elephant National Park safari

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WhatsApp message: 6 April 2022

Hi Andrew!

Thank you so much, Jasper is sleeping deep and peaceful next to me, we’re tired but so beautifully and satisfactorily – for the lack of a more appropriate word – loaded with memories and impressions.
Your stories, your enthusiasm and empathy, paired with these beautiful creatures…this day completed our first vacation to/in South Africa, and you exceeded all of our expectations that we have been giggling about “seeing elephants and lions” when speaking with Jasper about our upcoming holiday and trying to get him excited as well.

You’re a fine guy, and having worked myself – more in nightlife, organizing parties 😂 – in the service industry, but even more regularly having the luxury of experiencing different levels of attitudes, mindsets and devotion to “their thing” of people that we get in contact with when taking an Uber, going to a restaurant, doing a boat tour or – like this – spending a day together, with high expectations and the sitting here and swaying in memories…I hope you’ll see better days and light at the end of this corona-tunnel soon, so that you get to do longer of this stuff that you’re good at and passionate about!

It was a pleasure experiencing Addo with you!!

Julien, Verena and Jasper


Verena’s email:

From: Verena 
Sent: Friday, April 15, 2022 10:08 AM
To: angelika
Subject: Re: Touren Addo Elephant Park, 6.4.2022

Hallo liebe Angelika,

Vielen Dank für die tollen Bilder – das sind sehr schöne Erinnerungen!

Es hat uns ebenfalls richtig gut gefallen, sowohl deine Beratung und Kommunikation als auch die Tour mit Andrew waren einfach hervorragend. Jasper hat noch viel davon gesprochen. Vielen lieben Dank dafür.

Wir werden sicher wieder nach Südafrika kommen 😉

Euch alles Liebe und schöne Osterfeiertage.

Beste Grüße,