Madge. 3 February 2020

Shore Excursion Addo Elephant National Park

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We had an absolutely wonderful trip to Addo yesterday with Merwyn as our guide.

He is a top knotch guide and we learned a great deal about not only the animals but also the unique plants in Addo.

Who knew that elephants die because they run out of teeth!!!!

Or (much to the delight of our grandchildren when we shared the news)that zebras pass a lot of gas!!!

My husband had seen a documentary about the dung beetle and was rewarded with numerous sightings including a futile attempt for two of them to get the ball of dung over a small curb.

Lunch was delicious.

The whole trip exceeded our expectations and this opinion was shared by the other couple with us as well.

Thank you for providing a wonderful experience! Will post a review soon on TripAdvisor.

Kindest regards,

Madge Schaefer


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