Unique ceramic, Eastern Cape, South Africa
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Arts and Crafts – Local Ceramics

Meshack Ceramics

Meshack was born in Swaziland or eSwatini as it is now called and is of Royal descent, however the ever-present feather he wears is a symbol of the link he maintains with his rural roots.

When Meshack was a youngster, he worked as a cleaner for a potter and developed an interest in working with clay. He later went on to study Ceramic design at the Port Elizabeth Technicon and later lectured at this well known art school.

More than 30 years down that road Meshack maintains a strong collaborative relationship with other artists whom he trains and mentors.

Based in the rural Eastern Cape, South Africa, Meshack continues to work within the rich tradition of studio pottery, artist-craftsmen and produces functional pots, gifts and table ware, each a unique work of art in its own right.

For the display on these pages we have chosen a few of the selected items to reproduce here as a means of advertising these products.

Soup bowl, approx 12 cm diameter, R 130.00 plus shipping costs

Sweet bowl, approx 8 cm diameter, R 95.00 plus shipping costs

Dip bowl, approx 6 cm diameter, R 80.00 plus shipping costs

Platter, approx 40 cm diameter, R 1500.00 plus shipping costs

Jar, approx 30 cm, R 1800.00 plus shipping costs

South African ceramic, Alan Tours

Motives: Nguni cattle (traditional), Rhino, Elephant, Rooster (white only) – see examples below

Colours: yellow, red, blue, turquois, green, lime

The unique products are handmade, all have their own special flair and no product will be exactly the same.

The precise colour of the items may vary depending on the specific monitor, the settings and the lighting conditions. The items colours depicted should only be used as an approximate guide.


port elizabeth ceramics
Sweet bowl, blue, Rhino motiv
Soup bowl, orange. Soup bowl, yellow. Rhino Dip bowl, Elephant
Cermaic south africa, eastern cape
Sweet bowl, lime, Nguni cattle
local south african ceramic, eastern cape
Sweet bowl, rooster, in white only
ceramic, south africa, alan tours, port elizabeth
Platter, turquois. Nguni cattle
ceramic south africa, eastern cape, alan tours port elizabeth
Platter, white. Wildlife
ceramic port elizabeth alan tours
Jar, turquois with heart. Nguni cattle
Jar blue. Rhino
Jar, turquois. Rooster

Meshack’s work goes well beyond the items in these photographs and other products can be ordered as required.

A range of related products can be requested:

Large serving bowls with or without lids

Coffee mugs



Full dinner sets




Please enquire by e-mail

Jar, turquois Nguni on lid