Introduction to the stories of Africa

Stories from Africa is a page of stories sourced from a number of indigenous people and publications. The African culture is peppered with raconteurs and praise singers, seeping the hills and valleys in colourful oratory and spoken words captivating for ever the hidden mysteries of South and Southern Africa

This page has been added because Africa is a continent of the spoken word. The history of its earliest people, their life style, cultures, passing into the realm of the past, those who lived here, the guardians of Africa never recorded their history in the written word. In rock etchings and delicate paintings dispersed widely throughout the sub-continent, Yes but the stories of life, the very fabric of the life was passed from generation to generation, from Father to Son, Mother to Daughters, from Granddfather to Grandson. Stories, an intregal part of the cultural maturity, told around wood fires in smoked filled thatched roofed huts, in the flickering glow of the cooking fires, under star lit night skies. Stories told by aging Grandmothers to bright young women passing from one cycle to the next in isolated initiation ceremonies hidden from prying eyes, sacred rights of passage nervously undertaken. Hidden voices speaking in hushed tones. benelovent ancestors waiting gifts from the conscious world.

We will be adding new stories on an on going basis and removing those that have past their prime. We invite you to interact with us on this page, to contribute your own stories, whether these stories are of your own personal experiences, of an African nature or those sourced further afield.

Modern technology has deprived us of our ability to entertain ourselves, deprived us of our ability to tell our stories. Join us as we incorporate modern technology with the oldest form of communication known to man. Story telling.