Andrea. 24 June 2019

Cape Recife lighthouse Tour, Algoa Bay, Port Elizabeth

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24 June 2019


Re: The Tributaries Project, on-site presentation at the Cape Recife Lighthouse

Dear Alan

I would again like to extend thanks to you on behalf of the staff and students who were part of the second multidisciplinary group from NMU that participated in the second sea-to-source pilgrimage from June 21-23. We are grateful to you for arranging a second tour of the lighthouse for us and taking the time to share with us your knowledge of its interesting history and details of its construction and workings.

The participants in our second sea-to-source pilgrimage, again benefitted greatly from your on-site presentation at the Cape Recife Lighthouse, and for our musicologist, in particular, the foghorn holds interesting possibilities for the pilgrimage composition he is hoping to contribute to our end of year exhibition. Again, the group was impressed by the intricacy of human/ocean interactions and climbing the 101 stairs to the top was an illuminating and significant challenge for some of the group. I did not personally join the stair climb this time, but instead wandered out onto the rocks that are the raison d’etre for the lighthouse. It was an interesting perspective shift to look back at the lighthouse from the point of view of those at sea.

Thanks once again for your contribution towards making the pilgrimage an extremely significant experience for all those who participated in it. We would like to repeat the visit with a different group once more in September this year and would very much appreciate your continued contribution to its success. We will make contact closer to the time and hope to see you at our end of year exhibition at the Bird Street gallery. I will follow up with an invitation and details in due course. I have included a few additional pictures that you might enjoy.

Yours sincerely,

Prof Andrea Hurst