Kathleen. 23 January 2020

Addo Elephant National Park Safari

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From: Kathleen

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Subject: Re: Day Trip to Addo National Park


First and foremost, I would like to say that this trip was one of the most insightful, hilarious, and downright AWESOME safaris I have ever been on.

We made the booking through Angelika who was such a delight over the phone and helped us out in any way that she could – we had an extra person join very last minute and it wasn’t a problem at all.

On the day of our tour we were running late, we spoke to Andrew, who was our tour guide for the day and he was very accommodating and patient to the extent that he prolonged our tour so that we didn’t miss out on any time. Andrew can only be described in one word: legend.

He was extremely knowledgeable about everything from the animals, to the surrounding shrubbery, to the history of Port Elizabeth. Andrew knew it all. He was also a lovely genuine guy who put up with our ridiculous banter and made us laugh twice as hard. He was very skilled at finding scenarios that were conducive to excellent game viewing. In addition to our great elephant sightings including a matriarch with some of the smallest baby elephants you have ever seen and two big elephant bull sightings, we also saw lion, warthog, bat eared foxes, numerous antelope and lots of zebra.

Andrew told us about the variety of other trips that Alan Tours do around Addo – all trips I want to investigate further as they sound and can only be fabulous.

We had the most amazing time on this Safari tour and I personally cannot recommend Andrew, Angelika and Alan enough.

Thank you both for sorting this for us

Cheers, Kath