Martin 18 February 2020

Addo Elephant National Park Safari

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reviewed 18 February 2020

Paris, France via mobile

All tours are NOT the same. Alan Tours is the best.

If you are considering taking a wildlife safari in one of the big game parks, it is important to understand just what you are buying. Many of the tours you will see advertised send a driver to pick you up at your accomodation, you are then driven to the reserve and you join an organised tour of the reserve. These tours can be good, I have taken them, but when thinking about Alan Tours you need to understand what is different.

I booked a day tour of Addo Elephant National Park, and luckily for me it became a solo private tour. Alan himself picked me up at 07.30 prompt directly from my accommodation in PE and we headed to the Park. We had a full morning in the park, a great and delicious lunch in one of the reserve’s restaurants, and then a full afternoon visit to other areas of the park. We returned around 18.30 in the evening.

In the park we had close up encounters with 2 male lions hunting, elephants, buffalo and hyaena. But to just focus on big game is to downplay just how knowledgeable Alan is of all the wildlife in the Park and how he uses that knowledge to bring the visit alive. We saw countless birds of which Alan could identify every one, I learned about the native fauna and ecosystems and he provided real in-depth information in response to every question I asked him.

If you are looking for a 3 hour safari drive then there are many you can take, and the prices will probably be slightly cheaper than Alan Tours, but for what you get by booking a tour with them I firmly believe you are getting a bargain. Lifetime memories are made on a tour of this quality. Thank you Alan and your team, I shall treasure the memories you made happen.