Susan. 15.03.2014

My husband and I had the incredible experience, spending a day with Alan Fogarty of Alan Tours in Addo the Elephant Park

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Reviewed 15 March 2015


“1 day Tour of Addo Elephant Park”

My husband and I had the incredible experience of spending a day with Alan Fogarty of Alan Tours in Addo Elephant Park. Alan is incredibly knowledgeable in every aspect, the animals, birds, snakes, insects, plants, and the park. 

His knowledge and familiarity with the park is extraordinary. He is also really easy to be with! We learned so much and had such an incredible time. We saw so many different kinds of animals in their natural habitat. And because Alan has such a great understanding of the the animals and what they are doing he is great at finding them, and then when found knowing if something unusual or special might happen.

He found a lion sitting at a watering hole. He said the lion was looking quite alert for that time of day. He said that we should wait because something was likely to happen, like a warthog family might approach upwind of the lion and not know that he was there. Not 10 minutes later that is exactly what happened. A mother and 3 baby warthogs approached – and we got to see the lion in action. The mother in me was happy that he missed all 3 babies and the mother and they escaped unscathed. But it was a culmination to an incredible full-day excursion through Addo. 

Highly recommend the park and Alan Tours.