Terence. 23 September 2019

Addo Elephant National Park Safari

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Tripadvisor review 19 October 2019

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Beyond Expectations

When we arranged our first holiday in South Africa I noticed that the tour started near the Addo Elephant Park. I decided to go a day early so that we might tour the park. After researching tour companies I booked Alan Tours to give us a private full day tour.

Every communication between the UK and Alan Tours was friendly, efficient and added to my confidence of money well spent.

Andrew, our driver and guide for the day, arrived on time at our hotel and we immediately felt at ease. His manner and friendly attitude kept us engaged on route to the park and he never missed an opportunity all day to name, describe and inform. His passion for the park was obvious from the start, his enthusiasm was infectious and we soon forgot the 24 hours of travel to reach this special place.

Elephant after elephant after impala after lion after bee eater after dung beetle left us excited and ready for a great lunch, all included. By this time we felt that Andrew was already a friend, he was supportive, informative, amusing and could spot animal hiding in every bush.

Our tour continued in the same way after lunch and Andrew fitted in water hole stops to watch herds of thirsty elephants and endless stops to photograph beautiful birds.

We left the park one minute before the 6pm closing time and Andrew, Alan Tours and Addo created an unforgettable start to our tour of Africa.

Alan tours deliver on every level and Andrew is an excellent ambassador for them.
I cannot recommend them highly enough – faultless from administration to delivery.


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From: Terry

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Hi Tanya,

Words fail me! Andrew is an amazing ambassador for Alan Tours. We had a fabulous day and will, on our return to the UK, write a full review.

I can and will unreservedly recommend Alan Tours.

Thanks for playing your part. Great customer service is so important. Well done.

Kind regards Terry and Valerie