Beverley and Helen. 04 June 2018

Stunning Garden Route tour from Port Elizabeth to Cape Town, South Africa

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Sent: Monday, June 04, 2018 2:09 PM

To: Angelika


Subject: Re: Alan Tours, Garden Route. April 2018


Good afternoon Angelika and Alan,

Thank you ever so much for the photos – excellent!

It really was a wonderful trip from PE to Cape Town – loved it. The accommodation was also excellent thanks Angelika.

Our trip onwards from Cape Town was excellent – we really enjoyed the Falls as well as Chobe – it was lovely having elephants so close to us each day.

Each aspect of our holiday from the Queen Elizabeth to the Garden route to the Falls to the animals of Chobe was different and wonderful. An excellent holiday.

We are now home and back to catching up and simultaneously organising our Christmas trip to the Northern Hemisphere. The only trip I will have to a (potentially) White Christmas.

Again thank you both for a wonderful Holliday.

With best wishes

Bev and Helen